Cloud Data Security for ComplyARM Dashboard

Manage complaints and disputes from all the different sources through a centralized dashboard. Use Dashboard to identify compliance trends and produce reports for examination. 

Cloud Data Security

Data security is a top priority for our team. Our cloud platform is designed in the Microsoft ASP.net language and hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, providing perfect synergy between software and hardware. No matter how advanced your office’s security, it is difficult to compare your facilities to the hosting environments provided by Microsoft. The Azure cloud is managed by teams of networking and cyber security specialists that meet all of the most rigorous certifications for data security. Technological safeguards, such as encrypted communication and operation processes keep your customer data secure. All access to ComplyARM Dashboard is established through 256-bit SSL encrypted channels. Data in transit uses industry-standard transport protocols between user devices and the Microsoft data centers.

To protect against online threats, Azure offers Microsoft Anti-Malware for cloud services and uses detection and mitigation techniques to protect against DDoS attacks. Microsoft regularly conducts penetration testing of their facilities and systems to test for weakness in security. These continual efforts to improve security, coupled with an intricate knowledge of the Microsoft operating systems and programming languages allow us to provide the best possible hosting solution for our clients’ important data.

Microsoft Azure Trust Center Information

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Azure cloud services, with independently verified compliance, give you the foundation to achieve compliance for the infrastructure and applications you run in Azure. Azure customers receive detailed information about Microsoft security and compliance programs, including audit reports and compliance packages, to help you assess our services against your own legal and regulatory requirements. Our team of compliance experts also works with Microsoft engineering and operations teams, as well as external regulatory bodies, to help ensure that customer needs are met.

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