Vendor Management Automation Tools

Use automated vendor management tools to improve the experience
for you and your vendors. 

Vendor Management Automation Tools

Issuers and government regulators expect ARM companies to manage their businesses in accordance with compliance regulations. Dashboard creates a collaborative environment for your team to manage the information you are required to track. They also expect debt buyers and collection agencies to treat their vendors with the same care and attention they treat their own business.

ComplyARM Dashboard provides internal compliance management features that keep your information organized and readily available. Track your internally generated compliance events, insurance, association memberships, and licensing renewals. Authorized partners can create or update business records and upload associated documents for validation and storage. We help you comply with associated regulations and best-practice standards.

Simplify your vendor management processes by enabling partners to update their records through ComplyARM Dashboard. 

New vendor partners start by completing the online RFI integrated into your website or by connecting their existing deployment of ComplyARM Dashboard with yours, giving you access to their partner profile and saving you the cost of an external user license.

The partner profiles include key information about their business to be used in your evaluation for potential placements, asset sales or other business relationships.

ComplyARM Dashboard includes tools for the management of your vendor licenses, insurance and association memberships. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and other regulators expect you to actively track this information for your vendors the same way that you do it for your own business. ComplyARM Dashboard provides you with the tools you need to meet these requirements without increasing your workload.

Active partners receive annual requests to validate their partner profile information through the platform. These requests keep all of your partner profiles updated with minimal effort.


collection agency and debt buyer online rfi toolOnline Partner RFI

Collect vendor profile information and documents through a custom online form.

collection agency and debt buyer direct portal loginsVendor Portal

Vendors log in directly to update their profile documents or log compliance events.

licensing and insurance with acumen solutions group iconLicensing & Insurance

Track expirations and maintain copies of essential vendor documents.

Policy and procedure management toolPolicy Management 

Enable vendors to upload their policies along with testing and training information.

dashboards, reporting and analyticsTrending & Forecasting

Analyze trends to better understand the root cause of compliance events.

collection agency vendor management tools

All-in-One Compliance Management System

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