Complaint & Dispute Resolution Dashboard

Manage complaints and disputes from all the different sources through a centralized dashboard. Use Dashboard to identify compliance trends and produce reports for examination. 

Complaint & Dispute Resolution

ComplyARM Dashboard includes a complaint tracking module to document the resolution of compliance related events. With Dashboard you collect new compliance events through direct partner logins or automated event imports from your website, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), credit bureaus and other sources.


Direct partner logins and automated event imports help
to reduce the compliance burden.


Dashboard is a collaborative solution for you and your partners to quickly address and document compliance incidents through a secure platform. Collect events, attach documents, call recordings and other important information to document the investigation and resolution process. Documents and call recordings are available to be reviewed online without needing to download the files to a local computer or device.

ComplyARM Dashboard allows you to analyze key performance metrics empowering you to proactively resolve potential compliance problems based on data. Dashboard uses statuses to drive compliance events to resolution. Status driven workflows help you keep things moving toward solutions and avoid leaving events unresolved. By keeping on top of each compliance event you are able to improve your customer service and reduce events requiring  escalation.

Compliance events are collected from all communication channels automatically or are entered by your compliance staff. Event workflow management is done through lifecycle statuses. Appropriate stakeholders can work together throughout the process to quickly investigate, respond and resolve compliance events. Call recordings, letters and other documents, can be attached to event records and be reviewed by stakeholders with access.

collection agency and debt buyer direct portal loginsVendor & Client Logins

Allow partners to access your system to update their profiles or collaborate on events.

CFPB Portal IntegrationsCFPB Portal Integration 

View CFPB data in real-time and collect any records linked to your business.

Consumer Portal for your website iconConsumer Portal

Enable consumers to communicate directly with
your compliance team.

consumer litigation management toolLitigation Management

Track outstanding litigation events and collaborate with your counsel.

dashboards, reporting and analyticsTrending & Forecasting

Analyze trends to better understand the root cause of compliance events.

complaint and dispute resolution management

All-in-One Compliance Management System

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