Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

Manage complaints and disputes from all the different sources through a centralized dashboard. Use Dashboard to identify compliance trends manage vendors and much more. 

Compliance Reporting & Analytics

ComplyARM Dashboard reporting tools add business intelligence by consolidating your event tracking, vendor management and purchase/sale information into centralized reports and dashboards. We provide reporting that gives you compliance, vendor management and executive teams with the information they need to identify important trends.

Each dashboard presents your data in a visual format for quick reference and trend analysis. Key performance metrics can be easily reviewed from desktops, tablets or smartphones putting the power of real-time data in the hands of your executives and operations managers. More detailed data analyses can be performed using the reporting tools.


Reporting and analytics tools to help you identify trends, giving you the opportunity to stay ahead of the compliance curve. 


Dashboard comes with more than 30 focused business reports providing you with unparalleled analytics capabilities. These reports are designed to give your team a clear understanding of trends within your business. Understanding these trends enables you to identify operational strengths and areas for improvement. Our reports provide you with the important information needed for DBA International and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) examinations.

To help prepare for examinations, our reporting features include the ability to export documents, call recordings, and other attached files in a standardized format for easy audit preparation. Dashboard keeps you ready for an audit, giving you an easy way to export reports in an Excel format along with all of the associated documentation you have saved to the transaction or event records on the platform.

Compliance reporting & analytics

Dashboards & Reports

  • Complaints & Disputes
  • Compliance Events
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Litigation Management
  • Acquisition Pipeline
  • Debt Sales Opportunities
  • Licensing & Insurance
  • Security Certifications

All-in-One Compliance Management System (CMS)

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