Consumer Complaint & Feedback Portal

Allow consumers to communicate directly with your compliance management team using our consumer feedback portal installed directly into your website. 

Consumer Complaint Portal

ComplyARM Dashboard includes a consumer complaint feedback portal that is installed into your website and allows consumers to communicate directly with your compliance management team. Consumers often complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) because there is no other effective channel for them to communicate their concerns to a collection agency or debt buyer.

Our complaint portal collects information from consumers in an easy to use format similar to the way data is collected by the CFPB. The portal automatically imports the data into your ComplyARM Dashboard and notifies your compliance management team of new events.


Allowing consumers to complain directly helps avoid involvement by third parties and improves the consumer experience.


The ComplyARM Dashboard Consumer Complaint Feedback Portal has helped our clients to better handle compliance events that may occur. When consumers can communicate directly with your team they can achieve faster resolutions to compliance issues that may arise within your own organization or with collection agencies and law firm partners hired to manage your accounts. This direct communication channel provides your vendor managers with another tool for keeping an eye on your vendor partners.

Our partners at Branding Arc can help you to install the consumer complaint portal onto your website so you can start collecting complaints immediately. The portal is hosted on our secure servers so you do not need to add SSL certificates or other security measures to your website in order to take advantage of this portal. Consumers that visit your portal are directed to a secure page that is part of your ComplyARM Dashboard deployment.

Visit our Example Consumer Complaint Feedback Portal for a better understanding of how this tool will work for your business.

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