Debt Buying & Debt Selling Management Tools

Our debt buying and debt selling tools are used to manage your deal pipeline and store transaction documents. 

Debt Buying & Debt Selling Transaction Tools

Dashboard offers debt buying tools to manage the pipeline of incoming purchase opportunities. Keep track of your debt sellers and associated purchase opportunities through a streamlined online interface. Your debt buying pipeline is easily managed through our dashboard and reporting tools.

Dashboard’s Asset Sales module helps you find the right buyer for your portfolios. Potential buyers can complete the online RFI on your website providing the key information needed to approve them to review portfolio offerings. Sales managers can select which debt buyers they want to work with and use the contact relationship management (CRM) features to manage the process.


Manage your deal pipelines for debt buying and debt selling, then store your transaction documentation.


Buyers and sellers are profiled through the RFI tool to track product preferences and transaction histories. When business development opportunities or asset sales needs arise, your team can quickly run reports to identify the best partners to meet your objectives. This allows you to focus your efforts on relationships with the highest probability of turning into a transaction.

Transaction information is stored in the system, including pricing, product specifications, and all associated purchase and sale documents. Storing your transactional documents in Dashboard makes them readily available in exportable formats for reporting and examinations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) or other authorities. Store everything from portfolio marketing materials (seller survey, masked file, example agreement) to the executed transaction documents (purchase and sale agreement, bills of sale, chain of title, affidavit of sale, certificate of authority).

collection agency and debt buyer online rfi toolOnline Debt Buyer RFI

Collect buyer profile information and documents through our online forms.

collection agency and debt buyer direct portal loginsDebt Buyer Portal

Empower debt buyers to directly manage their profile or log compliance events.

debt buying and debt selling transaction toolsTransaction Documents

Track chain of title and other transaction documents for easy reporting during examinations.

dashboards, reporting and analyticsTrending & Forecasting

Analyze trends to better understand the root cause of compliance events.

debt buyer and debt seller transaction tools

All-in-One Compliance Management System

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