Collection Law Firm Compliance Management System (CMS) 

Manage complaints and disputes from all the different agencies and other sources through a centralized dashboard. Use Dashboard to identify compliance trends and produce reports for examination. 

Collection Law Firm Compliance System (CMS)

Collection law firm compliance with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and DBA International Certification Requirements (CPRC) has become more important over the past 5 years. ComplyARM Dashboard Compliance Management System (CMS) was designed by Chief Compliance Officers to help us manage our compliance, vendor management and transactional activities.


Collection law firms are held to a higher standard than they were 5 years ago and Dashboard helps them manage the new requirements.


A collection law firm subscribed to ComplyARM Dashboard can access the entire platform! Collection law firms can complete their own profile information to help them track their own compliance requirements, including complaints, disputes, licensing, insurance and much more.

When the Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus (CFPB) was created, debt buyers and collection agencies and collection law firms began looking at their internal policy and procedure documentation much closer. ComplyARM began as a company that assisted the accounts receivable management industry with auditing their business operations and helping them to create policy and procedure manuals designed to meet their compliance obligations.

After completing the first few policy and procedure manuals we realized just how much of an administrative burden was created by all the new requirements. We decided that the best way we could help our clients was to create a digital management system for all their compliance information.

Collection Law Firm Compliance Management System (CMS) for CFPB

Collection Law Firm Compliance Management System (CMS) Modules

complaint & dispute management icon

Complaints & Disputes

Track complaints, disputes and lawsuits while proactively analyzing potential trends.

CFPB Database Integration Icon

CFPB Portal Integration 

View CFPB data in real-time and collect any records linked to your business.

Consumer Portal for your website icon

Consumer Portal

Enable consumers to communicate directly with your compliance team.

Vendor Management Tools Icon

Vendor Management

Accept and evaluate RFI’s, then manage each vendor partner profile online.

licensing and insurance with acumen solutions group icon

Licensing & Insurance 

Manage the licenses, bonds and certificates for you and your vendors and buyers.

policy and procedure tracking tools icon

Policy Management

Load your policies and procedures, then track testing, training and more.

Buying & Selling Tools for Acquisitions & Debt Sales

Buying & Selling Tools

Debt buyers and sellers manage their deal pipelines, document storage and trend analysis.

debt buyer and collection agency online rfi

Buyer & Agency RFI’s

Allow buyer & agency partners to complete and manage their RFI profiles online.

dashboards, reporting and analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Analyze trends and be prepared to instantly produce documents for examinations.

Collection Law Firm Compliance Management System

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